Blackbaud SKY Technical White Paper Series


A Deep Dive into the Platform Designed with You in Mind

Driving rapid innovation in the social good sector is the “why” behind our mission. Our solutions are purpose-built specifically for your workflows, needs, and challenges. Reading this series will give you a developer’s insight into how exactly we empower our customers to achieve their diverse missions while enabling developers inside and outside Blackbaud to use the same tools to code for good.

This series will show you the technical “how” behind Blackbaud SKY®, our platform powering social good cloud innovation.

Paper 3: Blackbaud Partner Network: Complementing Blackbaud SKY Solutions

Our partners are essential to growing an Ecosystem of Good® that helps redefine possibilities for the social good community. We are intent on growing our partner program because we know partner-developed solutions enhance our offerings and, most importantly, support the mission of our customers. In this white paper, we take a closer look at a handful of partner-built solutions and the partners that built them.

Paper 2: SKY Developer: Empowering Developers Everywhere

In this paper, we take a deeper dive into the layers of Blackbaud SKY. With our robust developer toolkit, an ever-growing community is now expanding and extending capabilities, helping transform the future of good.

SKY Developer provides a complete framework to create and deploy self-contained services so that developers can code for good. Learn about our framework for developers and also how our Partner Network provides a marketplace where customers can find applications that extend Blackbaud solutions to make them even more productive and successful in their missions.

Paper 1: Blackbaud SKY: Our Journey to the Cloud

At Blackbaud, our journey to the cloud began with a vision of redefining the possibilities for the social good community. We didn’t just want to advance social good through cloud innovation, we wanted to build a platform that could power and grow an Ecosystem of Good™ beyond imagination.

Blackbaud SKY, our platform powering social good cloud innovation, delivers on that ambition. In this first white paper of the series, we discuss our vision for the platform and how we executed that vision.