Maximize Fundraising Success with a Healthy Data Ecosystem

Maintaining a database is a challenge for nonprofits, but data health is key to fundraising success. Fundraisers need clean, up-to-date data in order to develop meaningful relationships with donors.

The Blackbaud Institute’s report, Untapped Potential: The Case for Data Health, reveals the true dollar value of good data practices. Download  the report to learn the research-backed answers to two important  questions: What is the untapped potential in a typical  nonprofit’s database? And how much money are you leaving on the table  because of bad data?

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Optimize Outcomes with Data Health Services

Learn how Blackbaud Managed Services can help you achieve the best data quality possible while keeping your time and emotional input at a minimum.

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The Benefits of Using a Unique Identifier on Your Constituents Records

Unique identification needs to go beyond name and address for constituent matching. It needs to work across databases of all types and be scalable to fit any organization’s needs.

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Data Health as the Default: The Mission to Maintain a Healthy Database

Join us to learn all about data health. We will dive into techniques and processes for creating and maintaining a healthy database, so your organization can get back to focusing on what’s important: your mission.

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