All the Tools You Need to Become the Latest Edition of the Nonprofit CFO

In 2018, nonprofit CFOs will face many short-term and long-term challenges: new regulations, smaller budgets, and the perpetual challenge to do more with less.

Our playbook for the mission-focused CFO offers practical advice for how you can implement strategies to elevate your business office and support your entire organization. Discover the essential connection between mission and finance and how this connection can help you define strategies that lead to organizational success in 2018.

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Quiz: What kind of CFO are you?

Take our quiz to find out what kind of CFO you are. Are you a builder? A strategist? A cultural trendsetter? Find your type and get strategies and tips to help you achieve better organizational outcomes.

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Webinar: The Mission-Focused CFO’s Playbook

Join our live webinar to hear how other CFOs are implementing a more strategic finance function.  Nonprofit CFO and consultant Russell Pomeranz will lead this webinar and discuss how CFOs can think strategically and move their mission forward.

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Tip Sheet: Tips and Tricks for Nonprofit CFOs

Short on time? Check out these common tips and tricks the most successful CFOs are using today. You’ll get tips for how to better connect mission and finance in 2018, as well as strategies that will result in organizational success.

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