Index of Direct Marketing Fundraising

The Target Analytics donorCentrics Index of Direct Marketing Fundraising analyzes direct marketing giving for many of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country. For the twelve months ending Q2 2018, Target Analytics evaluated transactions from 61 organizations, including more than 31 million donors and more than 75 million gifts totaling over $2.8 billion in revenue.


The Target Index reports on direct marketing giving only. Direct mail is the dominant revenue source for most organizations but web, telemarketing, canvassing, and other gifts considered to be direct marketing are also included. Individual payments greater than $10,000, soft credits, and matching gift payments are excluded.

Quarterly results are reported on a calendar year basis. This report includes results through June 2018. Index findings are based on analysis of actual donor transactions, not survey responses from fundraisers. All calculated measures have been reviewed by participants for accuracy.

If your organization is a donorCentrics Index of Direct Marketing Fundraising participant, please visit o access the interactive National Index Explorer. Join us for the next webcast and conference scheduled for January, 2019. Keep an eye on your Inbox for login information.

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