Check out the latest commissioned study conducted by Forrester® Consulting on behalf of Blackbaud to learn how Blackbaud CRM software helps organizations like yours improve fundraising performance and operations.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Blackbaud CRM For Higher Education

This study reflects the findings from both 2014 and 2015 assessments and offers a framework to evaluate the economic impact of Blackbaud CRM on your higher education institution. Forrester found that over a five-year period, an institution can expect to experience an increase in fundraising revenue of $14.3 million, avoided labor costs of $3 million and IT costs of $400,000. Download the refreshed study today by filling out the form on the right.

“I really feel where the main benefit comes from [implementing Blackbaud CRM] is getting donors into the pipeline and tracking progress.” —Senior Director of Advancement Services, Large State University System

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Hospital and Healthcare Systems: The Total Economic Impact™ of Blackbaud CRM

This study offers a framework to evaluate the financial impact of CRM on your hospital or healthcare organization by analyzing the benefits, costs, and risks. Discover how CRM can benefit your organization from a 3% lift in fundraising and cost reductions to improvements in workforce productivity and better information and reporting. Download the study today by filling out the form on the right.

“While [our current fundraising system] is still valuable, it is going to become a legacy system someday . . . We knew that Blackbaud CRM was performing well in the marketplace, so we decided it was time to make the switch.” —Director of IT Systems–Philanthropy, Large Healthcare Chain

Health and Human Services Nonprofit Organizations: The Total Economic Impact™ of Blackbaud CRM

This study highlights the key benefits of Blackbaud CRM for health and human services organizations, including lift in funds raised, increase in house file size, improved data quality, better reporting and analytics, and improvements in the business processes. Download the study today by filling out the form on the right.

“Prior to implementing Blackbaud CRM, the organizations . . . understood that to raise the funds required to further the mission of their organizations, they would need to improve their business processes and the quality of the data that powered these processes. This, in turn, would require an overhaul of the IT systems that were used to enable constituent relationship management.” —The Total Economic Impact of Blackbaud CRM, Forrester Research

About Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM brings industry-leading fundraising, online applications, actionable prospect research and analytics, and multichannel direct marketing together in one platform to enable an integrated view of the constituent experience, across a nonprofit organization.

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